If I’m logged in my website I ca access the wp-admin, is that safe?

The wp-admin path can only be accessed if you are logged in as admin. It’s not visible to visitors or hacker bots. The PRO version is hiding all the paths from the plugins and themes and the common paths. Even if some plugins are adding code in HTML and some WP detectors are looking for this […]

There is a way to hide WordPress from Wappalyzer?

Yes, the only problem is that Wappalyzer has a 10-30 days cache so you have to test it with other detectors first. Make sure that you test it with and Some plugins can’t be completely hidden because they add some classes in the source code in order to work and if we remove […]

How Do I Know If My Website Is Hidden With Hide My WP PRO?

If you installed the Hide My WP PRO on your website, simply go to Settings > Hide My WP and switch the security level to Ninja Mode. If it’s easy for you, after you choose the Ninja Mode, click on the “Autoload predefined values” button to load the ninja default values.   Now, you can rename the […]

Is Hide My WP Hiding The Wp-admin On Nginx Servers?

UPDATE! Since Hide My WP PRO v 3.0 wp-admin can be hidden for Nginx servers. It will require a config update after you install the plugins. Please read more details about how to configure Hide My WP for Nginx servers   For NGINX servers the wp-admin can’t be hidden because WordPress can’t use other admin paths […]