What Hide My WordPress can do:

You can set the Ninja mode to hide all the main WordPress paths:

  • wp-content
  • wp-includes
  • wp-content/uploads
  • wp-content/plugins
  • wp-content/themes
  • wp-comments-post.php
  • author
  • wp-json
  • wp-login.php, wp-login, login
  • wp-admin
  • and all the plugins and themes names
  • show forbidden for all the old paths and let only the new paths

What  Hide My WordPress can’t do:

  • Hide the absolute image paths placed in the CSS files (use relative paths in CSS for security)
  • Hide the paths that are received through ajax calls
  • Hide plugin classes that are inserted in the frontend code (the plugins are using the classes for design)
  • Change the CSS and JS file names of the plugins (not recommended)


We worked hard to make the plugin keep your website safe and even if we can’t do all, the plugin will protect you from the most common attacks generated with bots.