If you installed the Hide My WP Ghost on your website, simply go to Hide My WP and switch the security level to Ghost Mode.

Ready To Reconnect


Now, you can rename the paths or leave them with the default names. Make sure you don’t use the same name for two different paths to prevent the future rewrite errors.

After it’s all set, click the Save button.

If you have Nginx server you will be asked to copy-paste the rewrite code to the nginx.conf file. Same thing if you have WordPress Multisite of the .htaccess file is not writable.

Don’t forget to save the safe URL highlighted in yellow in case you can’t login.

The last step is to click to re-login to WordPress with the new URLs. Now your website should be hidden and the main paths renamed.

Note: If you have a cache plugin, server or use Cloudflare service, make sure you purge all the cache before you do the final test.


You can use external WordPress detectors to verify if you are 100% hidden:

wordpress vulnerability detector


If the WordPress Detectors still find your website please contact us and we will check if there are some theme incompatibilities.