Is this plugin working on WP Multisite?

Yes, this feature is available for Hide My WordPress PRO version.
The PRO version also works with Apache, Nginx, IIS and LiteSpeed servers.

You can see all the features here: https://wpplugins.tips/hide_my_wordpress/

I forgot the custom login URL. I can’t login anymore. What should I do?

Don’t panic. You can still access your website with the safe URL

This link appears in the plugin’s settings page and you should receive it by email too


Don’t have the safe URL?

Rename the plugin directory /wp-content/plugins/hide-my-wp to /wp-content/plugins/hide-my-wp1 so that the plugins wouldn’t hide the wp-admin and wp-login paths. Save it and all the plugin’s settings will roll back to Default mode.

Login using http://example.com/wp-login.php and you can rename the plugin back to /wp-content/plugins/hide-my-wp and continue the setup.

Make sure you remember the secure parameter, and it will be much simpler.

Why do I get a 404 error when I access my new admin URL?

As I explain in the plugin, once you hide the admin URL, you can’t access the new admin path as a visitor.

You need to access the new login path, and after you login, you will be redirected to the new admin URL.

For security reasons you can’t access the admin if you are not logged in.


Do I have to write some code in .htaccess?

If the .htaccess file is not writable or you run a multisite WordPress, in order for Hide My Wp to work you need to write the code you receive in the Settings > Hide My Wp after you set and save the Ninja mode.

If you don’t have server access you can install a plugin that will help you with this:

You can remove the wp-htaccess-control plugin after you’re done with the setup.